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Psalms 23:2

Still Water Yoga

Our Vision

Still Water Yoga recognizes that every body was created uniquely, each moving in its own way.  We celebrate our bodies and any challenges they may present by creating a supportive environment and a willingness to provide a yoga practice for everyone.

Still Water Yoga is for those who seek to know God’s stillness in their lives through an atmosphere of compassion, honesty, and respect as a reflection of God’s grace.  As we participate in class, there will be opportunities for exploration of God’s peace through prayer, scripture, music, meditation, breathing and posture practices.

Our Mission

We are committed to honestly sharing yoga in a way that celebrates God’s grace and peace and encourages personal growth in faith, life, and body, all in a safe and nurturing environment.

Ready For a Class?

View our schedule online and find a class that works for you.  Our FAQ page has lots of helpful information on what to expect.  Sill have questions?  Contact us, we’re happy to help!